Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming (FREE) Coconut Bliss Tastings in May

Currently you will find Coconut Bliss on sale at all Whole Foods nationwide until May 11th, so be sure to stop into your nearest Whole Foods and stock up on the goodness! You’ll also notice that we are doing plenty of tastings this coming weekend before the sale is over. There will be more tasting posted later, so stay tuned and look for your city… 

~ Christina, Bliss Cart Ambassador and Demo Coordinator

Thursday May 6th

Kris @ Whole Foods Venice, CA 11-2

Christine @ Whole Foods Union Square, NYC 11-2

Gail @ Martindale’s Natural Market in Springfield, PA 12-3

Aandi @ Whole Foods Sauganash, IL Ladies Night 5-8

Friday May 7th

Aandi @ Whole Foods Gold Coast Chicago, IL 11-2

Keenan @ Whole Foods Saint Francis, Santa Fe, NM 11-3

Ciera @ Whole Foods Fourth South, Salt Lake City, UT 11-6

Aandi @ Whole Foods Lincoln Park Chicago, IL 3-6

Sarah @ Whole Foods Cranbrook Ann Arbor, MI 3-6

Taryn @ Whole Foods Tempe, AZ 3-6

Layla @ Whole Foods Westlake, Seattle, WA 3-6

Saturday May 8th

Keenan @ Whole Foods Academy Albuquerque, NM 10-2

Megan @ Whole Foods Broadway Boulder, CO 11-2

Chris @ Whole Foods Green Hills, Nashville, TN 11-2

Larry @ Whole Foods Plano, TX 11-2

Ciera @ Whole Foods Sugar House, Salt Lake City, UT 11-2

Kris @ Whole Foods Torrance, CA 11-2

Steve @ Whole Foods Bridgeport Portland, OR 11-2

Aandi @ Whole Foods Halstead & Waveland, IL 11-2

Ernie @ Whole Foods Briarcliff Atlanta, GA 11-2:30

David @ Whole Foods Gateway Austin, TX 11-3

Nicole @ Grassroots Co-Op, Anoka, MN (Grand Opening!) 11-3

Rachel @ Whole Foods Roosevelt Seattle, WA 11-6

Shelly @ Whole Foods Novato, CA (New Store!) 11-6

Josh @ Whole Foods Omaha, NE 12-2

Gail @ Whole Foods North Wales, PA 12-3

Larry @ Whole Foods Park Lane Dallax, TX 2:30-6:30

Kris @ Whole Foods Redondo Beach, CA 3-6

Priya @ Whole Foods Santa Cruz, CA 3-6

Steve @ Whole Foods Fremont Portland, OR 3-6

Aandi @ Whole Foods Lakeview Chicago, IL 3-6

Ernie @ Whole Foods Johns Creek Atlanta, GA 3-6:30

Keenan @ Whole Foods Indian School Plaza Albuquerque, NM 3-7

Nicole @ Whole Foods Minneapolis, MN 4-7

Sunday May 9th

Sarah @ Whole Foods Ann Arbor 12-5

Tuesday May 11th

Marie @ Whole Foods Greenwich, CT 11-2

Friday May 14th

Marie @ Mrs. Greens in Mt. Kisco, NY 11-2

Saturday May 15th

Kris @ The Celiac Expo in Los Angles, CA

Christina @ The Life Source Food Fair in Salem, OR w/ the Bliss Cart 8-4

Gail @ Kimberton Whole Foods in Downington, PA 12-3

Sunday May 16th

Kris @ World Fest in Los Angeles, Woodley Park 10:30-7


  1. Hi, I am allergic to dairy and absolutely love your ice cream products. I especially like the fact that there are minimal ingredients, and all of them are recognizable words not chemical compounds!!

    I see that there were many tastings throughout the U.S. I was wondering if you guys ever come down to Florida??

  2. Yes, we are doing demos in Florida, too! We're coming out with a new website soon which will have an event calendar, etc. After talking to Christina, our amazing Demo Coordinator, just now I heard the following are coming up.

    June 12, 2010 Whole Foods Bayhill (12-3PM) (Orlando, FL)
    June 19, 2010 Whole Foods Winter Park (12-3PM) (Winter Park, FL)

    See you there! ;) And thank you for your kind words! :)
    Vince Da Blisser (Coconut Bliss offices, Eugene, OR)