Monday, May 3, 2010

Are your recipes 'Blissful'?

If you've been seeing any of the smoothie recipes or videos by Diana Stobo, you may have noticed she often uses Coconut Bliss as an ingredient. It's a great choice for all kinds of delicious situations. The organic coconut milk in Coconut Bliss imparts a creamy texture to your food-- and it has no fillers, or artificial anything.

Our resident chef Chris Garrison uses our 'Naked Coconut' flavor as a base for his "Asian fusion" creations. Instead of coconut milk, he adds in a scoop to his veggie stir-fries, noodle dishes and more. It's easier than can openers and messy, metallic cans of coconut milk...

Saying all this, if you ever see cool recipes on the web that mention Coconut Bliss, feel free to let us know about them. Or make up your own and share them with us. You can send us the links to them via

Bon apetit!  


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  1. Please STOP making this ice cream at once!! Last night I ate a whole pint container of the chocolate - and then had to apologize to my dairy-sensitive wife since it was hers. I expected to be safe since most all of her dairy free foods are horrible. Besides, I don't like coconut - at least not the little chunks of white stuff with the consistency of wet sawdust sold in plastic baggies.
    But NO! I ate the whole damn thing.
    So we got some more; this time Cherry amaretto. I was sure I would be safe with this because I hate cherry amaretto anything. Well . . . Here I sit looking at your website with 75% of yet another pint of this stuff gone. I mean come on folks, this isn't fair! I haven't developed any resistance yet. The store still has more on the shelf and has not closed for the evening . . . .