Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Blog

Greetings Blisslovers.

If you're reading this, you probably suspect that there's more to Coconut Bliss than just a fleeting experience of cool, sweet yumminess. Yes, it's only a dessert, and in the grand scheme of things, dessert just isn't all that important. But there's something different about Coconut Bliss--something special that's hard to put a finger on. And it's that intangible, unnameable something that has compelled you to read this page, and compelled me to write it.

When we first started making Coconut Bliss, here's a vision that Luna and I had of how people would eat it:

It is mid-afternoon. You have stepped away from the busy-ness of your day to refresh your mind and your spirit, to allow yourself to relax and feel nourished. You have recognized how important this is--not just important, but essential--and you have taken a bold action of self-love. You take a few deep breaths and feel the stillness. You feel your body beginning to relax, your tensions dissolving. Your mind quiets. You feel small ripples of gratitude rising to the surface of your consciousness. In this stillness, you notice excitement arising in you, like the feeling you get when, after a long hike, you get your first glimpse of an alpine lake, and you feel the pure, simple desire to immerse yourself in that cold, clear water.

But you're in your house and there is no lake. So with that same childlike anticipation you walk into your kitchen, open the freezer, and gently, reverentially, take out a pint of Coconut Bliss. You feel your lips spreading into a smile. Without urgency, savoring the moment, you set it down on the counter to temper to perfect, scoopable softness. You go to the cupboard and select your favorite handmade bowl and the perfect spoon. You take out your ice cream scoop from the drawer, enjoying it's heft in your hand. You have all the time in the world. You take a pee, turn off your cell phone, pet the cat, water the plants.

Now you return to the kitchen, gently remove the lid from the container, and scoop out two round, sensual blobs of Coconut Bliss, enjoying the feel of the soft Bliss giving way to the metal. You replace the lid, put the container back in the freezer, rinse off the scooper, and bring the bowl of Bliss to your favorite spot--perhaps under a cherry tree in your yard. Your feelings of gratitude swell, filling you. You lift your spoon, dip it into the Bliss, raise it to your mouth and feel filled with the rush of sensation--liking slipping into that cool lake...

You get the idea?

This is not the addictive act of a person using dessert in a futile attempt to soothe their pain or fill their emptiness. It is a celebration of life, a focusing of consciousness through an act of intentional sensual enjoyment. This is why we make Coconut Bliss.