Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Use Coconuts...

So, we have a new poster that you can download, and print up. It reads:

There are many ways to achieve bliss.

We use coconuts.  

Feel free to download it (first link on the page) and other related files at our "Media/Press Kit" webpage. Recently, many people have been blogging about us and reviewing us, so this is a handy link to have if you wish to grab some graphics of Luna, Larry and our Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Thank you!


Friday, June 19, 2009


We just passed 1000 Twitter followers overnight, last night! WooT WooT! Not too bad for a month or so of being on Twitter.

Ok, we can't just give away the "Bliss" to 2 Twitter peoples...we're going to give a whole bunch away this weekend!

So, all you have to do...is follow us on Twitter, and retweet the post that we posted just now:

Free Coconut Bliss giveway-5 winners selected randomly- RT this post, www.coconutbliss.com #bliss1000

So, we posted it at 12:34 PM PST... be sure to use the #bliss1000 hash tag, and we'll randomly pull 5 "blissers"and give them free pints of Coconut Bliss next week. Or potentially more than 5 ... let's wait and see. ;^)

There we go. There you go.

You people rock--you truly our are bliss. Have a good weekend. And, of course, follow your bliss...


(Photo courtesy of Angel Caido)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Luna and Larry—Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated!

Last week we got an email from a customer in Portland who said that an employee in her local natural food store told her that we sold our company to Haagen Dasz. While Luna and I are a bit naive (we've only been in business for 4 1/2 years), we are still absolutely dumbfounded that an event of this magnitude could have escaped our notice! We can only surmise that it must have happened last week when we were on vacation.

All kidding aside, I want to say clearly and definitively that we have not sold our company to Haagen Dasz or anyone else (although we would be very happy if they decided to buy our old delivery truck). Luna and I are still the majority owners and managers of Bliss Unlimited, LLC, the company we founded back in February 2005 to make Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss. And while Luna has seriously cut back her hours over the last year and a half to parent our new little boy, Bija, I still come into the office every day to join our wonderful staff in doing all the things it takes to keep the supply of Bliss flowing to everyone across the U.S. who wants it.

Blissfully yours,


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naked Almond Fudge Controversy...Not


Well, when you get a bunch of head strong "Bliss"-ers in the same room, sooner or later (much sooner than expected actually), you'll hear their opinions.

Well, today the first rogue pints of: 


....got smuggled back by one of our operatives. And the pints are (at least as of 2:50pm PST) in the staff office freezer.

And we're tearing through them like wild dogs   (thanks mdove64 at FLICKR).

And Lakshmi (who is the most elder of employees here) really loves this flavor. It's her favorite. But she's in love with almond flavors...and thinks it needs more almond extract ("like in the 'prototype' " she says).

But Marc and I (and, everybody else present in the office today) think it rocks just as it is. It can be a drag to be the one minority voice in a group so small as ours. However, we honor them  for their unique perspective.

(just now, a wrestling match has broken out between and Lak and Marc next to my desk...get back to work, argh!)

So, anyway, look for it in your local stores and Coops over the coming weeks. And thanks for your "almondy" support. :)

Marc Is Tasting Naked Almond Fudge


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Better Soon, N

By Pinksherbert on Flickr

We got a heart wrenching email yesterday from a mother who's daughter has thyroid cancer. They live in the heartland of America. This mom basically explained that her daughter, while waiting for her first Radiation Treatment, wanted some ice cream. Several families there at the hospital --whose sons and daughters had thyroid cancer--suggested our Coconut Bliss as a great alternative. Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss is organic coconut milk based ice cream, so it's easier on their stomachs (and when you're going through cancer treatments, you need life to be as easy as possible). 

Anyway, there were no stores close by that sold our "Bliss". The mom asked us to find some...so we got on the phone/computer, contacted some stores, and three stores close to her hospital jumped up and ordered our Coconut Bliss ice cream! On behalf of the little girl and her mom, our team here wanted to say thanks to all you cool stores for responding so quickly. We all hope she gets better soon...and that this little bit of "Bliss" helps.

Here are the stores and the people who made the decisions to bring it in: if you live in Kansas, please patronize these guys/gals--they rock!

  • Becky at Prairie Harvest (Newton, Kansas 601 N Main St , 316-283-6623) ,  brought in some Dark Chocolate bars and Vanilla Island. Thank you!
  • Melinda at Food for Thought (2929 E Central, Wichita, KS, 316-683-6078), brought in a bunch of flavors (arriving this Thursday I believe). Thank you!
  • Matt at Green Acres (316-634-1088, 8141 E 21st St, Wichita, Kansas) also brought in a sample case of Naked Coconut flavor...Matt should have it in a week or so. Thank you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Update To Homepage :)

Yes, we just updated our homepage.  That's our new branding. We like the color green. Tell us what you think

Intro To Bliss (Part 2)

Chris G and Naked Coconut
Here's a continuation of our intro post, revealing a little about ourselves, and our hopes for the customers we touch with our 'Bliss' (and click here to see the full portrait of the staff).

What I asked our staff:
  • who you are?
  • why you're here at bliss?
  • and a wish/tip/desire for our customers?

Marc, National Sales Manager
I am a snowboarding, high energy, mellow guy. The "nice" guy, flow seeker and Papa to two amazing kids.

Piggy-backing "Bliss" deliveries onto my route for an organic coffee company, I soon began to resonate with being the Bliss delivery guy. I just couldn't get enough so I asked for a job ....
Share your Bliss!!! (whatever it may be)

Vince, Regional Sales Guy, Tribal Marketing Dude:
I'm a permaculturist-funkster-TechReFugee, finding my inner (coconut) bliss.

I'm at Bliss cuz I admired it from afar, then fate and choice landed me here. And I've known Larry and Luna for years.

May all our customers find their...dark chocolate bliss bars in June! They really are great...

Sue, accountess of numbers and analysis magical-sis:
I’m a life traveler who loves cultures, ideas and challenges

I’m at Bliss because its a community of passionate people who are there to create something amazing

May all of you find your state of Bliss... mine just happens to be in Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge.

Chris G, demostrator, educator, magic event creator:
I'm a lover of high vibe music & lushious foods (making & eating it).

People call me MR. Bliss (Head of Live Demonstrations). I get the bliss in your mouth.

My wish is for people to be the love they wish to feel!!!

And last but not least...
Luna, co-founder, Goddess of Flavor and Design:
I am a lover of sweetness, beauty, kindness, being outdoors, and fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I am a singer, a mama, a visionary, a rebel, and I Iove to cook and serve beautiful meals.

While falling in love with Larry, we were bursting with creative energy, which led to the creation of Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss.
I wish that you can feel the love and playfulness that we have in creating Coconut Bliss. I suggest you savor each taste and feed one another often.

Bliss you all...