Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naked Almond Fudge Controversy...Not


Well, when you get a bunch of head strong "Bliss"-ers in the same room, sooner or later (much sooner than expected actually), you'll hear their opinions.

Well, today the first rogue pints of: 

"NAKED ALMOND FUDGE" smuggled back by one of our operatives. And the pints are (at least as of 2:50pm PST) in the staff office freezer.

And we're tearing through them like wild dogs   (thanks mdove64 at FLICKR).

And Lakshmi (who is the most elder of employees here) really loves this flavor. It's her favorite. But she's in love with almond flavors...and thinks it needs more almond extract ("like in the 'prototype' " she says).

But Marc and I (and, everybody else present in the office today) think it rocks just as it is. It can be a drag to be the one minority voice in a group so small as ours. However, we honor them  for their unique perspective.

(just now, a wrestling match has broken out between and Lak and Marc next to my desk...get back to work, argh!)

So, anyway, look for it in your local stores and Coops over the coming weeks. And thanks for your "almondy" support. :)

Marc Is Tasting Naked Almond Fudge


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  1. I'm loving this flavor! I think it's got the perfect amount of almond in it, I get a slight taste of amarreto at the end and it puts this flavor over the top!