Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Upcoming Demos of Coconut Bliss in April. Here they are!


Thursday April 15th

Kris @ Whole Foods Venice Beach, CA 11-2

Lisa @ Whole Foods Santa Rosa, CA 3:30-6:30

Friday April 16th

Megan @ Whole Foods Colorado Blvd. In Glendale, CO. 11-2

Christina @ Whole Foods Bellaire, Houston, TX 11-2

Lisa @ Whole Foods Palo Alto, CA 11-2

Larry @ Central Market Ft. Worth, TX 3-6

David @ Central Market Austin Central, TX 3-6

Christina @ Whole Foods Kirby, Houston, TX 3-6

Lisa @ Whole Foods Los Gatos, CA 3-6

Saturday April 17th

Kathy @ Jimbo’s Escondido, CA 10:30-1:30

Nicole @ Fresh and Natural in Plymouth, MN 11-1

Christina @ A Moveable Feast Houston, TX 11-2

Chris @ Whole Foods Boca Raton, FL 11-2

Lisa @ Whole Foods SF SoMA, CA 11-2

Layla @ Madison Market Central Co-Op in Seattle WA 11-2

David @ Central Market Westgate Austin, TX 11-2

Steve @ Whole Foods Tanasbourne Portland, OR 11-2

Larry @ Central Market Dallas, TX 11-3

Shelly @ The Real Food Company in San Francisco, CA 12-4 Earth Day Event

Dena @ NRG Nature’s Finest in St. Petersburg, FL 2-5

Priya @ The Food Bin in Santa Cruz, CA 2-5

Kathy @ Jimbo’s 4S Ranch, CA 2:30-5:30

Layla @ West Seattle Thriftway 3-6

Lisa @ Rainbow Grocery Co-Op in San Francisco, CA 3-7

Sarah @ Arbor Farms Market in Ann Arbor, MI 3-6

Chris @ Whole Foods Palm Beach Gardens, FL 3-7

Christina @ Whole Foods Wilcrest in Houston, TX 3:30-6:30

Dena @ NRG Palm Harbor, FL 6-9

Sunday April 18th

Ernie @ Whole Foods Ponce De Leon 11-2:30

Lisa @ Whole Foods Cupertino, CA 12-4

Nicole @ Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville, MN 3-6

Ernie @ Sevananda 3-6:30

Monday April 19th

Lisa @ Whole Foods Walnut Creek, CA 12-4

Thursday April 22nd

Kiley @ First Alternative Co-Op Corvallis, OR 4-7 Earth Day Celebration

Friday April 23rd

Christina @ Whole Foods Baton Rouge, LA 3-6

Saturday April 24th

Rachel @ Metropolitan Market Admiral Seattle, WA 11-2

Layla @ Metropolitan Market Sand Point Seattle, WA 11-2

Christina @ Whole Foods Woodway Houston, TX 11-2

Steve @ Zupan’s Macadam in Portland, OR 11-2

Barbara @ Whole Foods Woodmere OH 11-3

Jessica @ Whole Foods University Heights Cleveland, OH 11-3

Ernie @ Earth Fare in Athens, GA 11-3

Shelly @ Whole Foods in Oakland, CA 12-4 Earth Day Celebration Event

Christina @ Central Market in Houston, TX 2:30-5:30

Megan @ Whole Foods Capitol Hill Denver, CO 3-6

Ernie @ Daily Groceries Co-Op in Athens, GA 3:30-6:30

Nathan @ Whole Foods Palatine Chicago, IL 3-6

Sunday April 25th

Larry @ Central Market South Lake Dallas, TX 2-5

Tuesday, April 27th

Kris @ Whole Foods Fairfax, CA 4-7 Vegan Vendor Day!

Wednesday April 28th

Marie @ Whole Foods Jericho, NY 11-2

Thursday April 29th

Marie @ Whole Foods Manhasset, NY 11-2

Nathan @ Whole Foods Chicago Ave in Evanston, IL 11-2

Nathan @ Whole Foods Evanston, IL 3-6

Friday April 30th

Marie @ Whole Foods White Plains, NY 11-2

Nathan @ Whole Foods Wheaton, IL 11-2

Nicole @ Whole Foods St. Francis Santa Fe, NM 11-3

Nathan @ Whole Foods Willowbrook, IL 3-6

Ciera @ Whole Foods Highland Drive in Salt Lake City UT 3-6

Monday, April 12, 2010

Diana Stobo Makes A Mango Lassi

Hey, Diana Stobo and Benjamin dropped by the office today--driving all the way from Northern California to our little office in Eugene, OR! Thanks for the visit, Diana. :)

And, saying that, here's her most recent smoothie, the Mango Lassi, featuring Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss.

Feel free to check out her health & nutrition book "Get Naked Fast" and her website. Her story is inspiring and her recipes rock.