Monday, September 28, 2009

2 Days To the Deadline & A Video Entry

You have 2 days before the Night Of Bliss deadline.  

Here's a link to a fan's videos that came in over the weekend: video.

But just a poem will do. C'mon, send it in.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One week remains!

This is just a gentle reminder that there is exactly one week left before we send out our invitiations to our Night of Bliss ! We are starting to get a steady stream of some really art/poetry/etc, but we still don't have one for every state....

We really love sharing the bliss,and want to be able to share that joy with you! Make sure you don't miss out on this great opportunity to have your own Coconut Bliss tasting party, (deadline October 1st, 2009).

In other news we've decided to host a local (Eugene, OR) Night of Bliss party, because well we really do love giving Coconut Bliss away! I leaked the details on our Facebook wall-Look for another blog post with more details after the Night of Bliss entries have closed.

Last but not least this is Kiley posting which means I have goodies for you! I've got 10 $1.00 off coupons for the first 10 comments left on this post. Please be sure to leave me away to get in touch with you so I can get an address to send the coupon too!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Days of the "Burn" and A NIGHT OF BLISS

Coconut Bliss was at Burning Man...did you get the pleasure to enjoy us?

We didn't have any signage or our logo up anywhere, just a sign reading "Coconut Milk Ice Cream". How did this happen you ask? A vegan advocate named Christian Hellmers came to us (with generous funding from with an idea to serve 40+ tubs of Coconut Bliss! We heard that there were shouts of joy and disbelief to see organic vegan ice cream existing in a place like the 'Playa'! We thank Christian for getting it rolling (and our Chris. G for assisting).

Did you experience Bliss at Burning Man? Why not leave us a comment on this post about your experience at the 'Burn' ; we would love to know about it! And we'll give t-shirts to some of the best comments/stories (keep in mind that we still only have large shirts available-sorry!)

Looking forward to our A Night of Bliss parties, the deadline is fast approaching. In case you haven't heard, we are giving away 50 ice cream tasting kits for you to host a rockin' Coconut Bliss party. The entry form is quick and easy, and so far we've received lyrics, poems, stories, and lots of love: hosting your very own Coconut Bliss party-- yumm! .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A NIGHT OF BLISS and, free t-shirts today!

The entry form webpage at is now working:

But It wasn't working over the labor day weekend (oops) . If you submitted an entry, we didn't get it). We apologize for this; we want to see your entries! 

For more details on how to win, see the blog post below or go to

(and we'll randomly give out t-shirts today to people here submit an entry today at

Friday, September 4, 2009

An invitation from Luna and Larry...

Unless you live in Eugene, you probably missed the tasting parties we threw back in the early days when we were just getting Coconut Bliss off the ground. Fifty or more people would crowd into our tiny living room to taste our newest offerings of flavors and would wax poetic as they discussed their subtleties, debate their virtues, and proclaimed their favorites. One of our favorite things about being involved with Coconut Bliss has been watching people's faces as they take their first taste.

We also love giving away Coconut Bliss, so we are inviting you to join us in creating this special event that is all about sharing bliss with the people we love.

Here's the plan: 50 simultaneous parties in all 50 states. We'll provide the Coconut Bliss and you host the party. Together we will create a critical mass of ecstasy that will ripple across the country, awakening joy and delight from Petaluma to Poughkeepsie.

Do you want to play? If so, here's what you do:

  • Create something that expresses how you feel about Coconut Bliss.
  • Send it to us as soon as possible, the earlier the better (the deadline is October 1st, 2009) 

It could be a :

  • poem
  • limerick
  • haiku
  • rap
  • brief essay (under 250 words)
  • visual image
  • recipe featuring Coconut Bliss with directions and a link to a photo
  • Flickr photo/photo series/collage
  • YouTube Video
  • song
  • audio collage

50 winners will be chosen from amongst the entries (one representing each state). Each winner will receive a "Night of Bliss" kit that will include all the essentials that you need to make your party a rapturously creamy success.

Also, if we really like your submission, we may feature it on our 'sites' (blog/facebook/Twitter/flickr, etc. etc.) with links back to your site/blog/Twitter feed, etc. (if you happen to have such things). 

So scoop yourself a big bowl of Coconut Bliss for inspiration and energy and let your creative juices flow! When you're done, wipe up any messy drips and go here to send your creation to us:

Tell your friends about this, so they can play too! Again, the official deadline is October 1st!

STAY TUNED to our blog and our Twitter feed for more tantalizing details to come...

Blissfully yours, 

Larry & Luna

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something big is brewing...

Hello again, Kiley checking in here! If you're looking for the “exciting announcement” that I mentioned in my last blog post, well, all good things are worth waiting for, so check back here on Friday when Luna and Larry will have the honors of filling you in on all the “juicy details”!

In the meantime, I have another giveaway for you!

I've been handed 20 shirts and 10 free pints to give away today, however there is one little detail that I should share with you. Our shirts have proven to be wildly popular and I only have large t-shirts left!

I know what you are thinking, I would be swimming in a large and never wear it... Well fear not ! In a few minutes you can mod your shirt to make it fit you and look totally awesome!

A quick search yielded several cool ways to mod/hack a tshirt-these are just two possibilities!
The first 20 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a t-shirt, and the 10 pints will be given away to people randomly selected from the comments after that. The giveaway will run until 9am Friday morning (PST) when the winners will be picked!


P.S. I got a lot of requests asking for pictures of me in the last post. Here I am!