Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Ice Cream Alert, University Of Oregon (and other demos)

We'll be at the University of Oregon (upper amphitheater, near the EMU) Friday (5-29-09) giving away -- as in "free"-- Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss. We got 2 tubs ya'll. 

We'll be Twittering it (yep, we're on TwitterFlickr).

Also, here are just a few of the other demos, etc. ...

  • 5/29 -- Coconut Bliss @ 2410 in Portland OR tonight, check out Eoto & Ozric Tentacles Pick up a Coconut Bliss sample while you enjoy the show. Free music for the people Come meet Lakshmi and Chris
  • 5/30 -- Tacoma & Federal Way Wa, Coconut Bliss coming your way, Demos @ Metropolitan Market Dash Point & Proctor
  • (5/30) Snellville Ga! Coconut Bliss on sample in two stores! Peachtree & Mother Nature's
  • 5/31 -- St. Paul, MN We are sampling Coconut Bliss at Hamden Park Co-op, stop by and say hi to Becky!

How To Find Bliss...Near Your Home

If you ever wonder how to get Coconut Bliss into your local grocery store, coop or market, wonder no more! For the last couple of months we've had a page on our website which allows you to very quickly search (by state or zip code) to see if Bliss is already carried in a neighborhood store near you. And if it isn't being carried close by, we provide a printable PETITION form that you can quickly print up to hand to the Frozen Foods Buyer or Store Manager of your particular favorite loacl market. 

This has an amazing effect on store buyers--and they usually bring Coconut Bliss after being handed on of these. So, are you wanting to see our new dark chocolate bars at your local market? Here's the link to store locator.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bliss Alert, Tuesday March 5 : Reviews & Free Bliss

Here's what's  coming up: is reviewing all our flavors! And she's giving away some pints: 
(please, if you try this at home, significantly pause in between bites to avoid ice cream headaches)

Chris G is doing a demo tomorrow in Eugene, OR 
29th & Willamette at the Market of Choice

Meet Chris G and  sample some Coconut Bliss for free,  3:30-6:30pm . 
And compliment G on how he dresses...cuz he knows how (and he might
give you an extra big scoop). 

Actually, , if you visit Chris G or Coconut.Gal (online), let them know if you read about this. Later skaters...

Introducing Our Staff: Part 1

So, with Coconut Bliss comes... community and communication. Yeah!

And with communication comes the opportunity for authenticity, and the obligation to share in as transparent a fashion as possible. So, let's share a little with you about who we are. I posed 3 questions to our staff. I'll post half today on our blog, and the other half in a few days. Our Flickr link has our  names linked to our faces:

What I asked:

Who you are?
Why are you here (at Bliss)?
Have a wish/tip/desire for our customers?

The answers: 

Larry, our leader, follower, co-founder and fellow blisser:

I am an artist, teacher, tinkerer, father, and explorer of consciousness, and have always had a fascination with food and how it affects our consciousness and our planet.

Luna and I were drawn together while both doing a cleansing fast in the spring of 2003, and within a year we were making ice cream from coconuts. The rest is history.

May all who place Coconut Bliss between their lips experience stillness, joy, glowing health, and uncontrollable shivers of rapture.

Kiley, Digital Goddess and Twitter Empress:

I'm a soy allergic, bike riding, Etsy loving, bookbinder, crafty chic, & foodie.  

I'm at bliss by a fortunate twist of fate.  I am so happy here and enjoy working with such a wonderful group of people and getting to eat such delicious ice cream! 

To all of our friends and followers we hope you have as much bliss in your life as we are blessed to have.

Doug, Production Master:

I'm the tribal elder/scientist/sorcerer in the Bliss tribe.  

I'm here because there is no better place to be....after too many years of wandering the corporate desert, this place feels like home.  

Always read the label and keep asking questions, like:

Are there really four servings in every pint?  
How 'bout when there's only one?  

Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune and Events, first hired employee :

I am a singer and musician, that is my greatest passion in life, and I'm also the mother of two amazing girls.

I'm at Bliss because the good lord blessed me to meet Luna & Larry 4 years ago and I ended up with a super awesome, yummy job that I love.

A wish for our customers: that you will be able to obtain and maintain perfect health.

(2nd part to follow in a few days...)