Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Flavors and Bliss on a Stick

This has been a very busy time here in Bliss HQ (this is my excuse for the very long gap since the last entry). It's true, though! In the last few months we have expanded our distribution to include the entire U.S., and Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss can now be purchased in nearly 1400 stores in 46 states. For some perplexing reason we have not yet penetrated into West Virginia, Delaware, North Dakota, or Mississippi (we will withhold judgment about these states—perhaps they are just a little slow).

We have also been developing some new products, which will be hitting the stores before summer. Luna and I have dreamed about Coconut Bliss Bars for a long time. There's something especially sensual and primitive about being able to lick the Bliss without interference of spoon or bowl that is extremely satisfying, and much more handy for eating in motion. Here's what these will look like. They should be in the stores before the end of May.

We spent last fall and winter feverishly concocting new flavors and have come up with three that we're very excited about and will be introducing in pints sometime in June. These are: Chocolate Peanut Butter—the classic combo, elevated to art; Pineapple Coconut—a creamy, luscious piƱa colada; and Naked Almond Fudge—coconut amaretto Bliss with toasted almonds and fudge. Here's what these will look like:

You may also notice that we've changed our package design. We have been working with a wonderful new designer, Greg Scot Hunt, who has taken our design to the next level.

We'll also be at a lot of events and festivals throughout the year, and we've added a page to our website with a complete list.

A parting thought: There are many ways to achieve bliss. We use coconuts.

Blissfully yours,

Larry & Luna


  1. Hi I just "discovered" your product at whole foods in NYC. This is my first week giving up dairy and refined sugars-I'm glad I found your product!

  2. I am a lover of all your ice creams! I tell everyone I know about them. I've even been known to take cartons with me to parties so I don't feel left out. Anytime anyone else tries them-- they are so surprised it's not dairy ice cream. The creaminess factory is unreal!

    Thank you for making a healthy treat that doesn't hurt my belly :)

    I cannot wait til I find your new flavors and bars in the store, sooo excited!