Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Introducing Our Staff: Part 1

So, with Coconut Bliss comes... community and communication. Yeah!

And with communication comes the opportunity for authenticity, and the obligation to share in as transparent a fashion as possible. So, let's share a little with you about who we are. I posed 3 questions to our staff. I'll post half today on our blog, and the other half in a few days. Our Flickr link has our  names linked to our faces:

What I asked:

Who you are?
Why are you here (at Bliss)?
Have a wish/tip/desire for our customers?

The answers: 

Larry, our leader, follower, co-founder and fellow blisser:

I am an artist, teacher, tinkerer, father, and explorer of consciousness, and have always had a fascination with food and how it affects our consciousness and our planet.

Luna and I were drawn together while both doing a cleansing fast in the spring of 2003, and within a year we were making ice cream from coconuts. The rest is history.

May all who place Coconut Bliss between their lips experience stillness, joy, glowing health, and uncontrollable shivers of rapture.

Kiley, Digital Goddess and Twitter Empress:

I'm a soy allergic, bike riding, Etsy loving, bookbinder, crafty chic, & foodie.  

I'm at bliss by a fortunate twist of fate.  I am so happy here and enjoy working with such a wonderful group of people and getting to eat such delicious ice cream! 

To all of our friends and followers we hope you have as much bliss in your life as we are blessed to have.

Doug, Production Master:

I'm the tribal elder/scientist/sorcerer in the Bliss tribe.  

I'm here because there is no better place to be....after too many years of wandering the corporate desert, this place feels like home.  

Always read the label and keep asking questions, like:

Are there really four servings in every pint?  
How 'bout when there's only one?  

Lakshmi, Goddess of Fortune and Events, first hired employee :

I am a singer and musician, that is my greatest passion in life, and I'm also the mother of two amazing girls.

I'm at Bliss because the good lord blessed me to meet Luna & Larry 4 years ago and I ended up with a super awesome, yummy job that I love.

A wish for our customers: that you will be able to obtain and maintain perfect health.

(2nd part to follow in a few days...)


  1. Yay for the CB team!! Looking forward to part 2 :-D

  2. I love things like this! I love seeing what people thing about themselves and learning more about my co-workers!