Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bliss Alert, Tuesday March 5 : Reviews & Free Bliss

Here's what's  coming up: is reviewing all our flavors! And she's giving away some pints: 
(please, if you try this at home, significantly pause in between bites to avoid ice cream headaches)

Chris G is doing a demo tomorrow in Eugene, OR 
29th & Willamette at the Market of Choice

Meet Chris G and  sample some Coconut Bliss for free,  3:30-6:30pm . 
And compliment G on how he dresses...cuz he knows how (and he might
give you an extra big scoop). 

Actually, , if you visit Chris G or Coconut.Gal (online), let them know if you read about this. Later skaters...


  1. You know I ate all of that in one sitting. Woot woot!

  2. After reading all about your products on Coconut.Gal's blog, I have eager to try them (especially since I am allergic to soy, gluten, and dairy, etc., and would love to be able to try your product). I'm still searching!! I hope to try your products soon and to review them for my blog readers as well :-)