Friday, December 18, 2009

A Small Gift

The Coconut Bliss family is extremely grateful for all the support that you, our wonderful fans, have provided us over the last year. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love & support and this is one small way of saying thank you.

Amy Palatnick, a local potter, made us some small custom bowls for our Night of Bliss boxes and we loved them so much we had her make us a few more for gifts. They have the Coconut Bliss elephant on the underside & each bowl has a unique layering of glazes on them.

After some long and serious contemplation on how I was going to give these bowls away & having no clear thoughts I turned to my co-workers. Lakshmi had a great idea that really stuck with me so I’m going to use it! She wants to see pictures of your favorite way to enjoy Coconut Bliss. This could be something as simple as your pint of choice & favorite ice cream spoon, or as complex as a multi flavor sundae creation.

You can post the picture to our Flickr Group, on our Facebook page, in a Tweet (twitpic ect), or on your own website or blog! Wherever the picture is posted please leave me a link here to the picture & a way to contact you if the picture is not posted to a network I can contact you on.

Feel free to submit as many pictures as you like, but you can only win one of the five bowls I have to giveaway. Entries for the giveaway can be submitted until midnight January 3rd, 2010. I will contact the winners on January 4th, 2010 and hopefully will have been in touch with all of them by January 5th to be able to share all the winning entries with you!

Have a blissful holiday season!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Coconut Bliss Staff, December 2009...

Big things have been happening over the last couple of months at our Bliss offices as we've been planning for 2010. It culminated this week in putting the finishing touches on our 2010 budget! We're excited, and we've got some really neat things planned for the coming year.

We're also looking back at 2009, and we're really thankful...for our customers and our families, and their support of our Coconut Bliss and the way we do business. We are feeling, well, quite blissful.

So, here's a picture of our team, taken earlier this week in Eugene, on one of the coldest, clearest winter days in (my) memory.

... and just as I typed this, it started raining. Well, back to our normal weather patterns, and time for some Naked Almond Fudge. :)