Friday, September 18, 2009

Days of the "Burn" and A NIGHT OF BLISS

Coconut Bliss was at Burning Man...did you get the pleasure to enjoy us?

We didn't have any signage or our logo up anywhere, just a sign reading "Coconut Milk Ice Cream". How did this happen you ask? A vegan advocate named Christian Hellmers came to us (with generous funding from with an idea to serve 40+ tubs of Coconut Bliss! We heard that there were shouts of joy and disbelief to see organic vegan ice cream existing in a place like the 'Playa'! We thank Christian for getting it rolling (and our Chris. G for assisting).

Did you experience Bliss at Burning Man? Why not leave us a comment on this post about your experience at the 'Burn' ; we would love to know about it! And we'll give t-shirts to some of the best comments/stories (keep in mind that we still only have large shirts available-sorry!)

Looking forward to our A Night of Bliss parties, the deadline is fast approaching. In case you haven't heard, we are giving away 50 ice cream tasting kits for you to host a rockin' Coconut Bliss party. The entry form is quick and easy, and so far we've received lyrics, poems, stories, and lots of love: hosting your very own Coconut Bliss party-- yumm! .


  1. I didn't make it out to BM this year, but I was at Wordcamp Portland today. Thanks so much for being there!!! I had a blast meeting Vince....and the ice cream was divine. I think Coconut Bliss was the highlight of the day.

  2. Thank you! That's so very sweet to hear! It was a pleasure dishing it to fun techies like you all were. See you next year for sure!
    -Vince da Blisser