Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The The Importance of Certified Fair Trade Ingredients: Larry's Interview

Here's a quick interview that Larry did at Expo West, explaining why we (at Luna  & Larry's Coconut Bliss) choose to include Certified Fair Trade ingredients in our coconut milk-based frozen-dessert.

Larry, take it away...


  1. Yet another reason to love Luna & Larry's (as if one taste of any flavor Coconut Bliss wasn't enough)! Thanks for valuing people just as much as the corporate bottom line. It's a very refreshing business model in today's world.

  2. Love your product and will be mentioning you again in my blog in next day or two!

  3. Thanks Danielle, we actually value people more than the bottom line around here... but as you know, we're not your average company.

    Thanks Paige! I shared the link with everyone on the Twitter world!