Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Expo West 2010 Recap: Bliss in Anaheim

Chris G., Marc D., Kris W. , Toby G. 

It was fun, it was loud, it was successful: Expo West (and East) is an event that any natural products company should make a space for on their calendar. Whether you go there to view new products or share your own, it's the place to download massive amounts of ideas regarding healthy food, beverages, beauty goods, and more. 

Bliss Demo Queen Christina S.

Toby at the booth--note our new "Food Service "1.5 gallon tubs!

Our newest item? We're now offering 1.5 gallon 'food service' tubs; if you've got a restaurant/ice cream-coffee-smoothie shop, or commissary and you'd like some, you can reach us at 

Airplanes are fun...

The 'conga line' in front of our booth (that was rumored to happen on Facebook) never materialized. However, we were very appreciative of our booth visitors, and their patience, as they waited in long lines to sample our many flavors of "Bliss".


I'm back in my office finally, enjoying a bar of Naked Coconut. is good to be back home. :) If I missed you at Expo or if you have something to share about your experiences there, please leave me a comment.  Blessings. :) 

~Marc D. , National Sales Manager

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