Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Larry Shares His Story of Coconut Bliss (Smartups Video)

Rarely does one get a chance to really look at the insides of a successful business--the ups and downs, the stories, the lessons learned...

Larry Kaplowitz, the co-founder of Coconut Bliss, recently gave a speech at a local Willamette Valley-focused entrepreneurs group called Smartups, which is headed-up by local entrepreneur Caroline Cummins. Even though I work here at 'Bliss' and know a lot about the process of Luna & Larry finding their 'bliss', I thoroughly enjoyed this speech (from the back of the room) and learned a lot. For your enjoyment, here it is (and thanks goes to Smartups for handling the videography):

VIDEO (see bottom of page): http://coconutbliss.com/about/about-us

And here's an article about Smartups.org ...



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