Friday, February 5, 2010

Of Chocolate Elephants, PremRoses, and Valentines...

Here's a special thank you to Linda at PremRose Edibles for making a delicious lunch for us on a recent Thursday, bringing in Chocolate samples, and basically talking about...well...what else? Chocolate. She makes great chocolate.

In addition to providing chocolate sauce for our "A Night Of Bliss" event in Fall 2009  (you can see her scooping here in this blog post collage), she also did a special pairing of her "rose-petal" sauce for our Coconut Bliss sampling efforts at the recent Eugene Truffle Festival event--where you may have seen our Demo superstar Christina speedily handing out tastes of 'Bliss'...

And what might you ask is Toby and Vince looking at--their mouths agape?

On that plate is an elephant made of solid chocolate, courtesy of Linda at Premrose Edibles. It felt heavy. She may also bring us another. I love working here.

Yes, it is February and-- for some of us--everyday is the 14th.

Happy Valentines day to all of you from us.

May all your chocolate elephant dreams (and your Coconut Bliss ones) come true... :)

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  1. Thanks you so much for the amazing lunch, Linda! "Prem" means love in Sanskrit, and it's a perfect name for her business and lovely chocolates, rose petal jams, & sauces. She truly gives from the heart. Blessings, Linda!