Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deadline Extended 1 Week for A Night Of Bliss

Ok, you asked, so we're extending the deadline for A NIGHT OF BLISS-- it now ends 10-7-09. Again, if you haven't heard, Luna & Larry are inviting 50 fans to participate in our Coconut Bliss 'Night Of Bliss' with tasting kits.

A box o' fun: it can be used for a rollicking kids and parents party. Or you can reserve it for a swanky adult one. Your call, your bliss.

Go to  for more details.


  1. Would we be able to get our kit with only the Vegan items if we were chosen to do the New Mexico Party?

    I see the Pams cookies are in the kits.They aren't Vegan as they contain eggs.Any other non Vegan items. Need to know before we enter. Thanks

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